How Did Paper Doll Stationery Begin?


Ever since I can remember, I have loved paper, embellishments, and a beautifully wrapped gift. I started making handmade gifts for friends and family at a young age and found my niche making stationery. I found that the recipients of the stationery gifts were wanting to order for their own family and friends, and with time, word spread and a small cottage business was born!

In 2003, after the birth of my first son, I became a work at home mom and took Paper Doll Stationery to the next level. I started doing home shows and holiday boutiques (mostly here in Louisville, Kentucky), taking orders left and right, the response was very positive! Now, with three small children, I am busier than ever! Thankfully, I have a patient and understanding husband that doesn't mind eating leftovers during the busy season and can step over the paper and ribbons that have filled our house!

I love coming up with new designs and having this web site has enabled me to share them with you. Splurge on some special note cards that express your style or personality! You'll be thrilled to receive them in a perfectly wrapped package that I know you will enjoy as much as I did making them.

All the Best,
Amanda Profumo